Giving you the sales operations expertise that you need to help your business be successful.



Whether you're just rolling out your newly purchased Salesforce, or you’ve had it for a while and need help building out an integration; our team of experts can help! With our knowledge, we will be able to help you use Salesforce in the most effective way possible.

Sales Process

Creating a simplified, easy to understand sales process is key to adoption.  Oplified will work together with you to either adjust your existing process or to create a new one altogether.  We can also train your team on best practices when moving prospects through the sales process and on to becoming paying customers.



Oplified wants to help you get the visibility and insight you need to help your business be successful.  Our team will show you how to leverage the tools found in Salesforce and other applications to help build out world-class reports and dashboards giving you the visibility and data you need to be at the top of your game. Our belief is a data driven company will always make more informed decisions which will help you beat out the competition.

Quotas and Compensation

Determining the right quota for each sales role in the company is not an easy task as it requires the right data, collaboration, and communication.  Oplified can help guide you in your quota making decisions and compensation strategy to ensure your sales reps are receiving competitive wages that keep them engaged in their work.

Territory Management

Oplified can help you with the complicated processes of territory management to ensure that every rep has a chance to succeed.  Let us help you design, optimize, realign, and map your ideal sales territories.  Our goal will be to eliminate any stress regarding knowing what sales reps own what deals.

Pipeline Management

Ensuring sales reps are managing their pipeline effectively is critical to the success of a company. Oplified can help your company by making sure you have the visibility necessary to monitor, track, and hold reps accountable for effective pipeline management.  We will also help you determine how much pipeline is necessary for success and help you track pipeline building activity so that you can get to the amount of pipe you need.


Oplified will help your company build out a forecasting methodology so that you can successfully monitor your business. We’ll design your forecasting process to include definitions, gates, stages, and dashboards which will then help build confidence in the forecast and conviction in the number your managers and sales reps are giving you. Our goal is to make sure you’re able to identify risks earlier which can lead to you making better business decisions.

Account Database Ops

Creating and maintaining a clean database of accounts is a massive undertaking for any sales organization. Our team can help you establish accurate data your sales reps can use to easily build out targeted account lists which will let them spend the majority of their time selling.

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